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IMPORTANT NOTICE:Removal of KiwiSaver from QROPS - your options

All KiwiSaver plans have now been dropped from the QROPS list, as KiwiSaver allowed early withdrawals for a first home purchase, significant hardship and permanent immigration.

As the new Britannia Retirement Scheme will be a QROPS but not a KiwiSaver scheme, you may still be able to transfer your UK pension to our Scheme. Please contact us today for personalised advice on whether a transfer is suitable and possible for you.

Why transfer with Britannia – making your pension transfer process easy.

  • We offer a new scheme called the Britannia Retirement Scheme which we manage. It has been set up to receive UK pension transfers without penalty or UK exit taxes applying.
  • We are highly experienced having completed over 20,000 transfers since 1996.
  • We are familiar with many UK pension schemes, having made transfers from around 500 UK schemes.
  • We have a range of services offered through a well established network of transfer specialists and authorised financial advisers (AFAs) to meet all your financial needs.
  • We have our own in-house transfer staff so you always deal directly with the person who can help.
  • Our service continues after the transfer by providing information to help you ensure your decisions remain appropriate for your ongoing financial needs.

For more details on why trust Britannia to help you with your UK pension transfer, click here

  • The decision whether or not to transfer is complex and we recommend you speak to one of our AFAs for personalised advice as to whether a transfer is suitable for you.
  • Disclosure Statements for each of our AFAs are available on request and free of charge.

Legislation has passed through the New Zealand Parliament standardising the tax of pensions being transferred to this country. There is a four year period for newly arrived migrants to transfer pensions tax-free after which the level of tax payable increases with time.

Click here to download a PDF from the IRD detailing the percentage of your pension that will be subject to tax at your marginal rate if you transfer your pension to New Zealand.

Contact us now
Click "FREE NO OBLIGATION ASSESSMENT" for a UK to New Zealand pension transfer assessment to find out, free and without obligation, if your pension can be transferred and what it's worth. One of our AFAs will also outline our service propositions to ensure you are offered the right service for your situation. All transfers that are made will be into the Britannia Retirement Scheme for transfers of UK tax-relieved monies.

For more information about the new Britannia Retirement Scheme we recommend that you read the Product Disclosure Statement by clicking here. and view the online material available at www.companiesoffice.govtdisclose .

QROPS Recognition
The Scheme has applied to Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs (HMRC) for recognition as a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS). We expect this recognition to be in place by 1 January 2017. If you apply to join the Scheme before QROPS recognition is granted, we will only process your application and commence your UK pension transfer process once the Scheme's QROPS recognition has been confirmed.

If you are an existing client (pre 1 December 2016) and would like more information about your specific Scheme then please select the appropriate link below. Don't hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions.
  • Click here to read the Investment Statement for the Britannia Superannuation Scheme 2012.
  • Click here to read the Investment Statement for the Britannia Superannuation Scheme.

Britannia Financial Services Ltd, Unit 4, 106 Bush Road, Albany, Auckland 0632

(Telephone) +64 9 414 4215 (Fax) +64 9 414 4219 (Toll Free) 0800 28 28 33 (Email) [email protected]

A Disclosure Statement is available upon request and free of charge.
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