British airways american express credit card travel insurance

"I get travel accident insurance with my credit card, is it any good?"

Travel accident insurance is one of those free "extra" services offered with some credit cards and current accounts.

Unfortunately, in this case, debit and credit cardholders are getting what they pay for: travel accident insurance is far from a substitute for full comprehensive travel insurance.

While full travel insurance is available with some accounts, it's usually reserved for those paying for a packaged current account or a credit card with an annual fee.

In this guide we look at where both full travel insurance and travel accident insurance are available and the potential benefits of, and problems with, both.

Here are the products which currently include insurance.

As we said above, when financial providers say they offer free travel insurance, they very often mean accident insurance.

The good news is that it's a much less common "extra" than it used to be, and at present there's only one card provider issuing cards that include travel accident insurance:

American Express. Almost all of their UK-issued cards offer travel accident cover (only the Basic charge card and Nectar credit card don't). Four of them also offer travel inconvenience insurance:

  • American Express Green charge card (cost of credit )
  • British Airways American Express Premium Plus card (cost of credit )
  • Preferred Rewards Gold American Express charge card (cost of credit )
  • Starwood Preferred Guest American Express credit card (cost of credit )

Credit card and current account holders with full travel insurance will know they've got it: they'll be paying out for the policy in the form of an annual fee for holding the card.

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