Butte college health insurance

Because of the high cost of medical care in the United States, adequate health insurance coverage is REQUIRED of all international students attending classes. Although insurance is NOT an admission requirement you will be required to show proof of coverage at the beginning of each semester or a registration hold will be placed on your record.

The school recommends an insurance plan with premiums and benefits directed to meet the needs of international students. This health insurance plan is required of all international students UNLESS proof of comparable insurance is provided.

• Be in effect the full semester enrolled and be renewable for continuing coverage
• Have a minimum USD coverage of $250,000 per illness or injury
• Includes mental health care
• Includes outpatient care (doctor visit, outpatient surgery, etc.)
• Includes hospitalization
• Includes maternity
• Includes medical evacuation
• Includes repatriation

ISO Insurance (International Student Insurance) - https://www.isoa
We require students to purchase the COMPASS Gold Plan or ISO Med.

If you believe you have sufficient health insurance from a company other than the recommended company above, you must provide a copy of your health insurance policy, written in ENGLISH, to the Welcome Center.

The policy information that you submit for review must include :

• Student's name
• Effective term of coverage (beginning and ending date of policy)
• Maximum USD coverage for each sickness or injury
• Outline of covered services
• List of excluded services
• Address and telephone number of the insurance company

Rachel Wood in the Welcome Center will review your policy. She will determine if it is an acceptable alternative to the available international student plan. If your insurance policy is approved, you will not be required to purchase additional health insurance.