Buy contacts with insurance online

We make it easy to buy your contacts, use your vision benefits, and save money all while ordering online. We've provided answers to a number of frequently asked questions, but if you aren't able to find the information you're looking for, please give us a call at 1-844-5-LENSES to speak with one of our friendly customer service representatives.

How do I use vision insurance or my flexible spending account (FSA) to order contact lenses online?

Contacts Direct takes most major insurance plans and is an out-of-network provider for many others. Our In Network insurances include EyeMed, Humana Vision, Aetna Vision Preferred, Blue View Vision, UniView Vision, and more! Even if you've already used your vision benefits this year, you can always spend your FSA (Flexible Spending Account) dollars at Contacts Direct.

Superior Vision members should visit our partner-specific landing page to register or begin shopping for their contact lenses:

How do I apply my vision insurance towards new contact lenses?

We make it easy to apply your vision insurance to your account. All you need is your contact lens prescription and vision insurance information. Follow one of the options below.

New Customers: Begin by registering a new account.

  1. Click on register in the top navigation.
  2. Fill out registration form.
  3. Check the box to apply your vision insurance.
  4. We will check our database to validate your insurance information and apply your vision discounts online.

Already Registered
  1. Log in
  2. Click on your name in the top navigation.
  3. Go to your patient page in the left navigation.
  4. Check the box to apply your vision insurance.

How can I order contacts online with out-of-network insurance?

Some vision insurance plans will reimburse a portion of your contact lens expenses if Contacts Direct is not an in-network provider. Check your benefit details with your vision insurance to verify. If you have coverage, contact your provider about filing an Out of Network (OON) form and follow their instructions to submit your claim.

Coverage for contact lenses will vary with each insurance provider. Your insurance provider will be able to answer specific benefit eligibility questions.

**Contacts Direct makes no statements on behalf of any providers. Reimbursement for contact lens purchased from Contacts Direct is between the customer and their insurance provider. Contacts Direct is not responsible for denied claims, reimbursements or costs under any circumstances. If you have uncertainty as to whether a contact lens purchase with Contacts Direct is covered by your insurance provider or not, you should check with your insurance provider prior to placing your contact lens order with Contacts Direct.

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