Buy green card insurance

If you are living or working in Europe for more than six months of the year with a UK registered vehicle then you may struggle to find a car insurance policy that meets your need for a full annual green card.

HIC can offer you specialist European green card insurance to cover your vehicle abroad and when you bring it back with you to the UK.

Most UK insurance companies will cover you for driving in Europe but usually only for a maximum of 30 or 60 days and often with third party cover only, and whilst European insurance companies try to accommodate UK registered cars they often require that you change the car ' s registration to that of the local country. As experts in specialist insurance we are pleased to be able to offer you an annual green card insurance policy for your vehicle, no matter what you drive, our policies can offer annual European cover for vehicles including. motor-homes, classics, modified or standard cars.

We can offer extended European green card insurance for a UK registered vehicle, even if t he vehicle is kept within Europe for more than six months of the year.

Call us on 0344 381 6530 for a specialist quote on European green card insurance.

Getting an annual green card insurance quote couldn ' t be any easier

Our specialist policies are tailor-made for the needs of the pan-European motorist - here are some of the features you can expect from your policy.

  • Flexible limited mileage options
  • Cover for all types of car, including motor-homes and campers
  • Independent Agreed Value cover (optional)
  • Salvage retention
  • Uninsured loss recovery for non-fault claims
  • Free legal cover up to £100,000
  • Left hand drive models are not a problem

You can call HIC on 0344 381 6530, use our online call back service ( by either filling in the email form telling us when you would like us to call you or by texting the word ' Quote ' to 07781 472736 ) or get an Annual European Green Card insurance quote online, right now, by clicking the button below.

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