Buy tata aig car insurance

  • TATA AIG has policy maximum coverage per claim. Therefore it is possible that with TATA AIG, customer can have multiple claims, each for the policy maximum.
  • Sublimits for TATA AIG travel starts from the age of 56 years.
  • Plan Duration for travelers below 70 years is up to 180 days.
  • TATA AIG can be renewed up to 180 days and sum total of initial and each subsequent renewal not exceeding 360 days.
  • Senior citizens (71-99 years) can get $50,000 coverage for 180 days without medical checkup.
  • Pre-existing ailments or medical conditions are covered up to $1500 only incase of life threatening situation
  • Renewal of Annual Multi Trip policies will now be extended even beyond 70 years of age.
  • ICICI offers benefits per policy period.
  • Sublimits for ICICI starts from the age of 51 yrs.
  • Plan Duration for travelers below 70 years is up to 180 days.
  • ICICI can be renewed up to 180 days, Sum total of initial and each subsequent renewal not exceeding 360 days

Following maximum eligible expenses per sickness or disease are applicable to insured persons aged 56-99, regardless of the plan / option purchased:

Hospital Room and Board and Hospital miscellaneous

Max $1,500 per day up to 30 days whichever is less.

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