California commercial truck insurance requirements

Commercial truck filings prove that you have enough Liability insurance to meet minimum Federal and state requirements.

Progressive offers state and federal filings, also called financial proof of responsibility that are a guarantee to the government that you are carrying sufficient truck insurance protection. Once you file for authority, we can take care of the rest. Learn more about commercial truck insurance and filings by state .

We offer federal filings for trucking businesses that engage in:

  • Interstate trucking
  • Hauling hazardous cargo (placard)*
  • For-hire trucking (common, contract)
  • For-hire passenger transportation*

As an example, you are required to have a federal filing if you are a motor carrier doing long haul trucking, regional trucking or if you are specialist. For-hire truckers hauling nonexempt commodities across the state line must also carry a federal filing. The filings required for these types of businesses are the BMC-34 filing and the BMC-32 form.

Federal filings are not required for businesses that never cross the state line or engage intrastate trucking.

If you haul exempt commodities you are required to submit a state filing unless you are in one of the following states:

State filings for intrastate exempt commodity haulers are the Form E Filing, the Form F Filing, and the Form H Filing. Learn more about different insurance filings .

Sectors that do not require federal or state filings

The following are considered unregulated trucking sectors that do not require a federal or state registration.

  • Private carriers hauling their own goods, such as manufacturers, farming and retail operations
  • Owner operators hauling under someone else's authority, such as a truck owner leased on to a motor carrier

Other reasons besides trucking authority might require a business to submit proof of insurance. For example, drivers with probationary licenses or owners of oversized vehicles may need a non-trucking filing or a certificate of insurance (COI).

To verify if you need proof of insurance, check the list below for your business type or vehicle class and state of operation.

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