Calls about payment protection insurance

Designed to cover your monthly mortgage repayments, mortgage payment protection insurance covers against (your choice of) accident, sickness or unemployment (ASU), giving you financial peace of mind against the unexpected. How would you cope if you were unable to pay your mortgage at the end of the month because of accident sickness or involuntary unemployment? You may have been offered mortgage protection from your lender / bank / building society, but you may find their prices are higher for a number of reasons as they are not specialist insurance providers. At First Call Payment Protection Ltd we offer payment protection policies online so we can keep administration costs lower and offer you value for money protection.

  • The average amount owed per UK adult (including mortgages) was £28,969 in March - (May 2013) **
  • This is around 119% of average earnings - (May 2013) **
  • If I lost my job how would I pay the mortgage? **
  • How long could we manage to pay the bills? **
  • What support can my lender provide and is this sufficient? **

So, if you would like to protect your mortgage payments, get a COMPLETELY FREE QUOTE here. Please note, you will be transferred to our secure site.

  • Your mortgage is covered if you are unable to work
  • 100% free, no obligation quote
  • FREE to switch to us from an existing provider
  • FREE "Back To Work Service" included
  • All monthly benefits paid directly to you
  • Monthly premiums so you can talk to us about adjusting your benefit amount or you can stop cover at anytime
  • A range of waiting periods available

The date when payment protection benefits begin will depend on the waiting period you have selected.

The Payment Protection waiting period is the length of time you have to wait before you can make a Payment Protection claim and determines when the monthly benefit can be paid/received under the terms of the policy.

In all instances you can not make a claim until you have been unable to work for 30 consecutive days.