Calstrs calpers insurance benefits

Service credit is the accumulated period of time, in years and partial years, during which you receive creditable compensation and make contributions to the Defined Benefit Program. In addition to credit for actual service, you may receive service credit for creditable compensation for certain employer-approved leaves of absence. Service credit may also be purchased under certain circumstances.

The age factor is the percent of final compensation you are entitled to for each year of service credit. This percentage is determined by the date you were first hired to perform CalSTRS creditable activities and your age on the last day of the month in which your retirement is effective.

If you are a member under CalSTRS 2% at 60, and you retire with 25 or more years of service credit, CalSTRS uses your highest 12 consecutive months of average earnable compensation as the final compensation component in your retirement calculation.

You can retire at age 55 with at least five years of service credit. Members under CalSTRS 2% at 60 also have the option to retire at age 50 with at least 30 years of service credit.

In addition, if you took a refund and then reinstated, you must have performed at least one year of service after the most recent refund.

Your retirement benefit is protected against rising prices two ways: annual benefit adjustments and purchasing power protection.