Can i claim gym membership on private health insurance

Bupa can help with the cost of your gym membership if recommended by your referring provider as part of a health or chronic disease management program.

Benefits are payable towards the cost of gym membership for a minimum of one month’s duration.

If you’re eligible, how can you claim a Living Well benefit for gym membership?

A Living Well Approval Form (PDF 336kb) must be completed by your referring healthcare professional (your GP, physiotherapist, chiropractor, occupational therapist or medical specialist) to confirm the program or course is medically necessary.

You'll need to select a program provider (e.g. gym) who is registered with Bupa. To check if your provider is registered call us on 134 135, go to www.bupa.comfind-a-provider. or ask your provider.

Claiming at a Retail Centre. Present your completed Living Well Approval Form (PDF 336kb) and original account or receipts to any Bupa Retail Centre. Find your nearest Retail Centre here.

Submitting by post. Mail your completed Living Well Approval Form. (PDF 336kb) Claim Form (PDF 150kb) and original account or receipts to GPO Box 9809, BRISBANE, QLD 4001.

  • 24-hour gym memberships
  • Gym memberships for general fitness
  • Casual gym sessions (including boot camp sessions)
  • Sport clothes or shoes
  • Personal trainer

When and how often do I need to complete and submit a Living Well Approval Form?

To continue claiming Living Well benefits for gym memberships, Pilates courses, select yoga courses or your child’s swimming course, you must submit a new Living Well Approval Form every 12 months. The Approval Form is valid for 12 months from the date it’s signed by your referring healthcare professional.

The Living Well Approval Form can only be completed by a referring healthcare professional who is recommending a course or program to directly address or improve your specific health or medical condition. This can be your GP, physiotherapist, chiropractor, occupational therapist or medical specialist.

A program provider (eg gym, swim school, Pilates or yoga course/instructor) cannot complete an Approval Form, regardless of whether they are registered with Bupa or not. They will give you a receipt or account for the program or course which you can use to claim Living Well benefits.

Why does my healthcare professional need to complete this form for certain Living Well claims?

A Living Well Approval From is used to confirm that the health-related course or program is a health or chronic disease management program in accordance with Private Health Insurance legislation.

A health management program is a program that is intended to improve a person’s specific health condition.

A chronic disease management program is a program that is intended to:

a) Either reduce complications in a person with a diagnosed chronic disease; or prevent or delay the onset of chronic disease for a person with identified multiple risk factors for chronic disease; and

c) Is coordinated by a person who has accepted responsibility for:

  1. Ensuring the services are provided according to the plan and
  2. Monitoring the patient’s compliance with the agreed goals and activities specified in the plan.

What if I want to claim for a gym membership, Pilates course, yoga course or a swimming program for my child and it’s not for a specific health condition?

In accordance with legislation, health insurers can only pay a benefit when the service provided is intended to address or improve a specific health or medical condition as part of a chronic disease or health management program.

Can I claim for the cost of getting the Living Well Approval Form completed?

Costs incurred for the completion of this approval form by your referring healthcare professional are not covered by Bupa.

Can I submit a Living Well claim online through myBupa?

No. Currently you can’t submit your claim for Living Well online through myBupa.

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