Can you insure 1 car twice

My issue i have is this, we currently have two cars that we own, one being the Mondy used daily and the other is sat doing nothing due to company car.

Any way insurance is due on the other car which doesn't have MOT and is SORN so my plan was to insure the Wifes car (mondy ) through my policy (currently insuring the other car) and she insures hers as normal via her insurer, i am a name driver on her policy also.

I have been advised i cannot do this, would this be correct.

I hope that makes sense but in quick terms 1 car 2 insurance policys with 2 different insurers.

What you have been told is correct. A car cannot be covered by 2 different insurance policies at once. Marney will explain it better. Insurance sales is his line of work IIRC

You are correct. It is called double insurance and if allowed would effectively mean you could claim twice for the same car in the result of say theft or something

to keep my NCD going rather than loosing them if i insure a car third party only will it carry on?

But stopping insurance for a year or so won`t lose your NCD. AFAIK they are valid for 2/3 years normally?

i just did a quote for third party only and its cheaper to insure full comp.

wouldn;t mind knowing how long NCD is valid if no insurance present.

is the validity period an industry standard for all insurers or are time limits set by the individual insurer?

As far as I'm lead to believe it is an industry standard.
I work for Aviva, and had a customer who delayed getting his insurance because the car wasn't ready. When he initially wanted to take the insurance out, it was just under 3yrs ago he had his last policy. When Audi finally delivered the car it was 3yrs 2weeks since his last insurance policy and he lost 5yrs NCD!

There is a general agreement that NCD is valid for 3 yrs. However not insurers subscribe or are happy to make allowances. Really does depend on what company and what their Underwriters are like

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