Cancel my auto insurance letter

Cancelling an insurance policy must be done in writing since policies are contracts. In order to withdraw from the contract you will have to send a letter giving your insurer written notice of cancellation. Putting your request to cancel in writing also safeguards your interests, providing hard copy proof of your cancellation request. Use the template provided here as a starting point for your own letter of cancellation.

To begin writing your insurance cancellation request letter, simply click the image. When you do, a letter template that you can edit will open as a PDF document in a separate browser window. Click in the date line to change the date, then click anywhere in the text area to customize the wording so that it's specific to your situation. Be sure to include the exact policy number associated with the contract that you want to cancel.

Once you have finished making text changes, you will need to proofread carefully, save the letter and print it for mailing.

  • To save, you can either click the diskette icon on the document's top toolbar or go to the "File" menu and choose "Save Page As." As another option, you can save the document by pressing Ctrl+S on your keyboard. Once you've issued the save command, follow the on-screen options to navigate to the folder you'd like to keep the document in.
  • For printing, you may opt to click the printer icon on the toolbar or go to the "File" menu and choose "Print." Alternately, you may issue the print command by pressing Ctrl+P on your keyboard.

If you need help downloading the printable template, check out these helpful tips.

  • Before you draft your letter of cancellation, call your insurer to verify the address you should mail it to. Inquire whether there is any balance owed or refund due on the policy based on the cancellation date you are requesting.
  • Only the policyholder -the person who actually owns the policy- can cancel it. As such, it must be the policyholder who makes the written request. In addition, the letter of cancellation must be addressed from, and signed by, the policyholder. For example, if you and your brother are insured on the same policy, but the policy is in your name, then only you can cancel that policy.
  • Use proper business letter format for the document.
  • Be courteous, but firm, in notifying your insurance company of your decision to cancel your policy.
  • Indicate that you expect the insurance company to send you a written confirmation that the cancellation has been put into effect.
  • Request a refund of any unused premiums that you have already paid. If there is a balance still due on your account, enclose a check with your letter, and include the payment amount in your letter.
  • State that the insurer is no longer authorized to charge your bank or credit card for monthly premiums beyond the expiration date.
  • After you type out your cancellation letter, do a spell check and proof-read the letter before you print it out. Be sure to sign the letter by hand. Make a copy for your files.
  • Mail your cancellation letter to the insurance company by certified mail, with return receipt requested, so you can be sure you request is received.

Before submitting your cancellation request, make sure that what you are asking is consistent with the terms of your insurance policy. Read through the terms of your policy to determine the details of your rights to cancel. Typically, policyholders have up to 14 days from the policy's effective date to cancel the coverage without penalty, but this varies in some agreements. For policies that have been in effect longer, you may have to give 30 days notice (possibly longer) or wait until the contract is up for renewal.

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