Capstan insurance

Without effective maintenance even the best security equipment can fail. Wear and tear, accidental or rodent damage, old batteries, storms and other weather conditions can cause an interruption in the service of your security system.

Effective maintenance ensures your equipment not only functions as designed but meets Insurers', Police and Health and Safety Standards.

Working in conjunction with our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), our engineers provide a 365 day 24 hour emergency call out service to Capstan Security (Wessex) customers.

If you have an existing system you could still benefit from our excellent service and repairs. We pride ourselves on being reasonably priced and on hand to offer professional advice.

Our alarms are all designed to comply with current regulations. It may be a requirement of your insurance policy that your system is covered by a routine maintenance contract to reduce contents insurance premiums.

Our maintenance contract options can be designed to suit all needs depending on the system chosen.

Please contact us for a free quotation on 01425 270527

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