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Capstone is proud to announce the creation of our new Brokerage Department, specializing in Oil & Gas and Environmental Products

USLI Chat Room and toll free number for instant phone quote: 855-734-5534.

Click Online Rating. then the USLI green bar.
Options are located in the upper left corner of each product questionnaire.

We have created our website with the needs of our professional retail agents in mind. It is a working site, equipped with many of the tools you need daily.

  • In the Agent Resources section you will find links to many sites that will help you obtain the information needed to complete applications.
  • In the Online Rating section are many classes of business that you can rate yourself.
  • Use the Premium Finance section to set up a premium finance note for your insured.
  • Most of our Supplemental Applications are available for downloading with just a click of your mouse.
  • New submissions
    • Existing agents please send to [email protected]
    • All others please send to [email protected]
  • And you can contact us with suggestions or comments anytime.

Keep our site open all day, and let it be the place you go for the information you need to help get your risks to market!

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