Car insurance business or pleasure

A car insurance company asks the primary use of a motor vehicle as part of the application since, typically, how you use your vehicle is one of the main rating factors of your policy.

You would choose pleasure as the primary use of your vehicle if your driving doesn't include driving to and from work. It also cannot be selected when you use your vehicle to drive to and from school. Those driving situations that are defined in another vehicle use, would remove it from the pleasure-use designation.

When your insurer asks you about the main or primary use of your vehicle, typically the categories that you can choose from include:

  • To/From Work or commute: When you use your vehicle to commute to and from your work and/or school.
  • Business: If your vehicle is used for one or all of the following:
    • used to make sales calls
    • used as vehicle for business trips to bank or post office, picking up supplies, going to different locations
    • owned or leased by a partnership or corporation that have a business listed as an additional interest on the car
  • Farm: If your vehicle is used primarily on a farm, ranch or orchard
  • Pleasure: No other description applies and/or the car is rarely used such as a weekend car. Typically this car is driven for fun without using it for regular commute or business.

As you can see the difference between a commuter car and one for pleasure is that basically the commuter car is one you use every day to drive to work and back or school and back while a pleasure car is only used occasionally for like during the weekend or on for fun every now and then but not driven on a regular basis.

For example, if you have a VW Jetta that you use for work and/or drive your kids to school and do your errands in this would be your commuter car. If you then had a Porsche that you used for weekend drives or every now and then for a leisurely drive up the coast, to the beach and trips of this nature, then this would be considered a pleasure vehicle.

The exact definition of what is considered a commuter car and what is a pleasure car differs from one insurance company to another, so if you are trying to determine how to classify one of your vehicles on your car insurance policy, ask your insurer what their definitions of these classifications are.

Normally, if you have a car with low mileage and you only a limited amount of miles on it each year it should be able to count as a pleasure vehicle, which would be rated differently then a daily driver and may also receive a low-mileage discount.

If you have a car you believe would be considered a pleasure vehicle but your current insurer does not offer a reduced rate for this type of pleasure or seasonal vehicle you may want to compare car insurance companies with us and find which has the best rates for your needs.

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So a pleasure car cost less than a commuting car for car insurance premiums? Nice.

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