Car insurance for young drivers in ontario

belair direct is cheapest for young drivers. at 19 with a G2, i was paying 400$ (4800$ a year) a month for 2-door accord with 1 at fault accident. and online quotes aren't to accurate like you, i got quoted 10-15k a year before calling in person

Wait until you're older. Unfortunately, insurance in Ontario is the biggest scam ever and you happen to be in one of the highest risk categories meaning that you're going to feel the brunt of it. Why don't you try and insure a car under your parents instead? You don't even have your full licence yet so there's no way you are going to get a reasonable rate.

start with the company who insures your parents - you should be already listed on that policy so they should have all your information already

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Pretty much all of the highly advertised insurance companies like Geico, Allstate, Statefarm, etc had $12k premiums.

I had much better luck with TD, Desjardins, Bel Air Direct, and PC Insurance (PC gave me the best rate)

But IMO, unless you have a full time job you will never be able to afford a car at this age. The bus isn't that bad if you can hold out for while, because I know some people work just to pay for their car.

G2 + young + male = worst you can get.
I used to have my insurance under my parents name since I didn't drive much anyways, just occasionally.
It helped a lot.
When I went to school, I changed my address to a Waterloo address, and the rate was much better (less than half compared to being primary driver in GTA)
But again, everybody is different and every agent is different so it will still vary.
Once you hit 21, that will be a level-up meaning your insurance rate will drop a bit. Then the next level-up is at age 25, where your insurance will drop again. (both considering no other changes)

What record? The OP is 18 years old and doesn't even have a full licence yet. Insuring his own car is going to cost a lot no matter what he does.

So? With a G2 he can drive alone and have already been involved in an accident. Heck even with a G1 he could have crashed.

I insured my car in Ontario at 17 or 18 for WAY less than any of the quotes he got.

So? With a G2 he can drive alone and have already been involved in an accident. Heck even with a G1 he could have crashed.

I insured my car in Ontario at 17 or 18 for WAY less than any of the quotes he got .

Anywhere from 300 to 400 dollars a month just for liability is fair game. I think the insurance companies charge more nowadays.

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