Car insured by different companies

ok here's the question: for the same one car, can two people hold separate insurance deals without one oerson's unfortunate driving affecting the other's NCD?

DH has been driving forever (7+ years NCD etc) and drives an expensive car, and everything is going alone fine.

I recently passed my driving test (after 80+ hrs driving practice!) and took the pass plus, and would like to borrow his car occasionally but don't really need my own car and so don't fancy all the associated costs of a second household car eg x2 lots of petrol, repairs / service / MOT/ paying for a parking spot, whatever else is involved (. )

Can I be insured on his car, without spoiling the low cost of his insurance and his shining NCD? Is that what would happen if I caused an accident as a named added driver? Can't I just pay insurance for myself as if he didn't also drive the Carr, and he just pays insurance r for himself as if I didn't drive the car? With the insurance company very aware we both drive the car- he as main driver and me once a week etc - so as not to be accused of fronting etc.

let's face it if there's going to be an accident, out of the two of us it's probably going to be me driving, although my examiner told me I drive very well and where did I learn- want to know just in case. Anyone have any ideas/ advice / suggestions of how I can drive a car without owning one or ruining it for the owner. Thanks all!!

You need to have an 'insurable interest' in any car that you wish to take out an insurance policy on i.e. you need to own the car you wish to insure. You can't take out a separate policy on someone else's car, and can only be insured as either a named driver on a car you don't own, or a driver who has permission to drive on a policy that has any driver over aged 21 or 25 etc.

You being added as a named driver won't negate the NCD on the policy. If you have an accident, then it will affect it, but you being a named driver in itself doesn't affect NCD. You won't earn NCD for yourself as a named driver - you can only build that up on a policy in your name.

If it's that likely, why not get a cheap shed and crash in that instead? Also, expensive cars are often fast and powerful - a small, cheap car is less likely to get you into trouble through hamfisted driving.

Thank you both for clearing this up..
So basically I have 2 options-
1. Buy my own car (expensive option but can build a NCD in my own name), or
2. Be added as a named driver on DH's expensive car (risk of ruining his NCD if driving with ham in my fist , but cheaper option overall)

And if I do ruin the NCD, and it's "protected", does that mean he just loses the last 1 year of NCD on the car, and so will have to pay only a slightly higher quote in the coming year- or is there a different premium once u have an accident that's your fault?
Also, as it's an expensive car, if I do take out insurance as a named added driver and increase the excess to make it cheaper to add me, does that mean if he gets bumped by someone else and it's not his flat, he will have to fork out the massive excess too- even when he's driving? Can you have different excess amounts on the same policy, or again it's all one policy and you just add a named driver?

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